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Wedding Widing

Photos by: funzuchilloutpoint


Photos by: dumage

They take a long time to keep their beards so as to be formed .. enjoy it!

Photos by: funnydoom

Amazing school bus

All students using school buses to go to school. But more interesting when the schoolbus has a strange shape. Picture  below show wonderful + weird schoolbuses.. Enjoy it!!

* Armored  bus, for student safety.

* School bus at india. Do you believe it!

* Cute bus at japan.

* Suitable for students who later went to school.

* According to their school in the forest

*This is real bus stop!

Photos by: fun4evryone

Horrible Accident

Sports are good for health, but accidents can happen anywhere. Picture below is an example of an accident while playing sports. Enjoy it!!

Photos by: binscorner


*be Careful when you playing sport!!

Photos by: 24hourcampfire

*No reasonable evidence of animal

Photos byantaresonline

Duck Blood Soup

In our country its normal to eating soup but in Vietnam they eat duck blood without cook it. They just coolect the blood, add ginger or peanut and vegetable only.  It will serve in only 15 minutes. They think, tah the duck blood can boost their energy.. Enjoy it!

Photos by:

Funny incident

Photos by: yahaki

*Oh no! wrong landing !”

*Come here little mouse!”

*Wrong landing

*Very fast food

*“I love you grandfather”

*“Come back little mouse !!”

*“I wanna bit you !”

Photos by: yahaki

amazing badroom gadgets

  • Face/butt towel

  • Excited man wall hook

  • Dog butt towel holder

  • Baby hand soup

  • Blood bath mat

  • Hand Drain Stopper

  • Mic sponge

  • Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

  • Toothpaste Squeezer

  • Electric Bath Duck

  • Slip No More

  • Atech’s toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock

  • Toothpaste Caps

  • WCNotes – Doodle While You Doodie

Photos by: megamachine